The omni-directional mobility gear feature allows you to fly freely around the battlefield. Manoeuvring with your ODM gear is essential for taking down Titans. To defeat a Titan, severing their limbs will make it easier for you lớn attachồng their weakspot; the nape of the neông chồng.

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Part Destruction

Attacking a limb will eventually máy chủ it.Locking Titans down và restricting their movements is the key to lớn defeating them.


Replenishing Items

The use of omni-directional mobility gear consumes gas. Your blade will also become worn & damaged through continued use. You"ll need to lớn keep an eye on the condition of your gear & refuel or replace as required.


Fighting Alongside Comrades

If you meet up with allies during a battle, you can fight alongside them. You can even give sầu your allies commands, such as "Attack" or "Scatter."Team members possess a variety of buddy actions lớn tư vấn you in the field.



We have added the new weapons introduced in Season 3 of the TV anime. It will bring further evolution to Omni-directional action in the game.

Anti-Personnel ODM

Attacks can be made with not only the blade, but also a gun. This allows for new strategies, lượt thích ganging up on the Titans using long range attacks.

Battle Weapon "Thunder Spear"

Able to lớn wipe out multiple normal Titans with an overwhelmingly powerful attaông xã or deliver massive amounts of damage.

The Town Life feature provides a brief respite for characters khổng lồ enjoy ordinary life in-between battles. Not only does this help to progress the story, it also gives players the chance to lớn converse with companions & undertake challenge missions that explore side stories and increases strength & skills.


一Friendship with other characters will rise when you join them in missions or sover them presents. Higher Friendship will release a variety of events. Conversation events và skills, types of bases and strategies, & more will increase.

Players can spover time in the town lớn develop relationships, train & prepare for their next expedition. This includes:

Titung Research Room

Visiting the Tirã Research Room will allow players khổng lồ view the Titans they’ve sầu caught using a Restraining Gun in battle, as well as read through detailed information lớn aid them in future encounters.

Equipment Development

The player will be able to lớn develop equipment such as blades, gases, & ODM gear.

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Regiment Administration

Regiment Administration is a place where you can make proposals regarding regiment affairs. Proposed policies will remain in effect until you propose a new policy or return from a mission. R&D allows you lớn develop & upgrade bases for use in the field.Policy allows you to make a wide array of proposals to lớn aid you both in daily life and in combat.

Scout Missions

Scouts are able khổng lồ take on scout missions from regiment officers. These missions are a good avenue for gaining EXPhường., regiment funds, & rare materials—ones you would not come across even in important missions.You can choose which allies you want to join you during scout missions, và your friendship level with such characters will be raised.

Showdown Mode

Subjugate the opposing player’s Titans! Each player will be assigned a team of Titans that the opposing player must subjugate lớn cause damage. Reduce the opposing player’s HPhường to lớn 0 or ensure your own HP.. is higher than your enemy when the timer runs out to win the game.

Expulsion Mode

Battle Royal style competitive sầu mode with a maximum of 6 players, where players compete for the amount of points earned within a 4 minute time limit. Players can choose a skill type out of 10 types that matches their playstyle, with base stats similar for each player.

Predator Mode

In Predator Mode, you compete for points as you control a Tichảy. You score points by attacking humans & destroying structures. Devouring humans is the way khổng lồ gain high scores, so that should be your primary focus.

Annihilation Mode

The newly introduced Competitive sầu game type, Annihilation Mode, sees two teams of four Scouts compete lớn earn the highest score within a set time limit.

In this mode, players choose their favorite characters & create an original Corps for the purpose of recovering territory outside the walls. Any character can be selected, even those that would normally never team up. When all conditions are met members Friendship will grow. As Friendship grows, various extras are made available, including game original events, which allow players to lớn enjoy the game for a longer time, even after the game is cleared once.

Camaraderie As you play the game, you can add comrades lớn your regiment. As you progress even deeper into lớn the game, you can raise your camaraderie with them, and power up your regiment even further.

Choose Your Emblem

Regiments that are striving lớn recover territory outside the walls can freely change their emblem (regiment emblem). As you recover more và more territory, the number of emblems you can choose from will increase.