Galaxy attack: alien shooter

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a game by Sigma Team
Platforms: PS Vita, PC, Playstation 4
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 nhận xét, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.8/10 - 8 votes
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With a name like Alien Shooter, you know exactly what you are getting here. This was originally released in 2003 & it has built up a bit of a cult following. Yes, the game is very repetitive sầu, yes, the game shows its age. However, there is something that keeps me coming baông xã and I am not 100 percent sure what that is!

Who Left The Portal On???

The “story” of the game is not exactly in-depth. To be fair this is a game that is not about the story it is just all about the killing, but if you want khổng lồ know what Alien Shooter has you doing all this killing for, here you go. The game is phối in a secret facility where these teleport machines have resulted in the place being overrun with deadly aliens and you need lớn kill them all!


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The visuals of the game are pretty rough if I am being honest. There is not a ton of alien designs and the whole game has a bit of a repetitive look to it. To be fair though, this is the kind of game where if you take a moment lớn look at your surroundings you will probably be dead!

The Only Good Alien Is A Dead Alien!

Each stage of the game plays out exactly the same. Your goal in Alien Shooter is khổng lồ kill all of the aliens và then move onto the next level. These aliens are relentless and will just keep coming at you so the game always has you on edge. You have various weapons that you can use such as a handgun, shotgun, and even a flamethrower and that is the best variety that the game throws your way.

There is something so very satisfying about this game. It is the kind of game where you just switch your brain off và have fun for 30 minutes or so. At the kết thúc of each cấp độ, you can use anything you have earned in the game lớn purchase new weapons before moving onlớn the next stage.


Aliens On Ice

The game is played from an overhead isometric point of view and I am fine with this. However, when you move no matter if you are using the mouse or the WASD keys, you have sầu a kind of “slippery” feel lớn all of your movements that can take a short while for you to lớn get used lớn. Really, I think if they had made this a twin-stichồng shooter like Smash TV it would have been even better.

I can see why Alien Shooter has a cult following online. This is a game that is very and I mean very rough around the edges. However, if you can look past that you will have a fun time with this. It is the kind of game I can fire up & blow off some steam with for 20 minutes or so before moving onto something else and that I think is what I like best about it.


The game is fast và franticThere is a decent number of weapons to lớn useThe aliens vì chưng not hold back!It is a great game khổng lồ play if you want to lớn blow off some steamYou bởi vì not really have sầu khổng lồ think when you play


The game is very repetitive sầu in pretty much every way The controls are very slippery