Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk

Download Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK 2.16.2 (Unlimited Everything, Max Level) for Android - Free - Lademo. Shadow Fight 2 is published by NEKKI (Google Play: com.nekki.shadowfight).
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Shadow Fight 2
Unlimited Everything, Max Level
November 30, 2021



Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Max Level) is this action fighting game that gives players new experiences. Not only the quality gameplay, Nekki’s “golden egg” also owns special graphics & a series of attractive tasks. If you want to lớn experience the game in a quality way, discover new things, you should not miss Shadow Fight 2.

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Shadow Fight 2 MOD (Unlimited everything and max level) – Famous classic RPG game on Android

Shadow Fight is always in the top of the most popular fighting games on the market. With remarkable achievements, publisher Nekki has “surpassed victory”, continuing lớn release Shadow Fight 2 Mod.

In this version, the game company invested heavily in many aspects. In addition to lớn overcoming the limitations of the previous version, Nekki focuses more on visuals as well as game effects. Although it is only 2D graphics, this fighting game still offers eye-catching fights with very realistic images.

If you have sầu ever played Shadow Fight, you can quickly join the game when experiencing this new version. Joining the game, you will be immersing in the familiar shadows – characteristic of this famous game. The skirmishes, the confrontations take place extremely dramatic and balanced. Cleverly deploy your moves. Not only attachồng, defense is also important. It takes good tactical thinking, full-fledged combat khổng lồ defeat the enemy.

In Shadow Fight 2, the game’s graphics are capable of supporting servers with better resolutions. Thanks khổng lồ that, players will experience extremely satisfying fighting screens. The effects of matching, smooth, the skills of the character launched are made very prominent. In addition, the sound of fighting also adds to lớn the attraction and drama of confrontations.

Features of Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK

Shadow Fight 2 has many highlights, one of which is the variety in game modes. This fighting game creates a new playground with many game modes for gamers to experience. In addition lớn the main mode, you can also try interesting challenges in the side mode. Not only that, the new version also has some changes lớn give sầu players a new experience.

New features

When entering the thành tích siêu thị, the player can see the current sales clearly displayed.The Drakaimãng cầu vortex mechanism in the game has changed compared to the previous version.The error encountered on Android 10 has been fixed by the game company.The system suggests items for gamers khổng lồ be in the best mood when entering raids.The description of Challenges as well as Seals is more standard than its predecessor.

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Game mode in Shadow Fight 2

Main game mode: Includes 7 chapters, each chapter 1 trùm. You need to pass many doors to lớn meet the boss.Side game mode: This mode is suitable for training and improving the ability lớn compete. Through the game screen, you will gain experience và accumulate money. This makes the character much stronger.Tournament: Fight with 24 opponents, 2 rounds each, 198 seconds total. Win both will be passed.Survival: Confront 10 enemies in a row. The rules of the game bởi not allow you lớn thua the battle when you meet any opponent. After each fight, a certain amount of health will be restored.Arena: Connect online with other players. Choose weapons to lớn participate in combat, defeat opponents to lớn receive sầu loot.Sublimation: 80 rubies are required lớn buy tickets to play this mode. Your challenge is 5 strong opponents.Need lớn overcome all these people khổng lồ become the winner. The hero’s reward is the Monk outfit.Challenge: Each game will have sầu specific participation conditions.Hell: Play online, conquer 7 levels.

What’s in this Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK version?

Instead of the standard version, many people choose lớn tải về & experience Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK. This is completely understandable when the MOD version brings unlimited gold & diamonds. These features help players experience the game more easily, in a unique style.

 MOD Features

Unlimited Money: With this feature, the price of all items and equipment in Shadow Fight 2 is phối khổng lồ 1. If you win, the bonus the player receives will be much larger.Unlimited energy: Successfully downloading and installing Shadow Fight 2 hack money & energy, you will be given 5 energy when playing. Not only that, but the energy also increases every 10 minutes, 1 point each time. In addition, you can also own more energy with GEM.

Shadow Fight 2 MOD Max Level for Android

Instead of mods with unlimited energy, unlimited money, unlimited everything, many people choose the màn chơi haông chồng. Specifically, with this max level mod version, if done successfully, you will unlock many high levels like 52 và 99.

Max Level 52: Mod unlocks cấp độ 52 in the game.Max Level 99: Unlock cấp độ 99 in the game.Unlock level 10000: With this level, the version will unloông chồng when required.

Download Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK for Android

It is not an exaggeration lớn say that Shadow Fight 2 is the top fighting game worth playing today. The predecessor was inherently highly appreciated, lớn part 2, everything was added & upgraded lớn be more complete.

If you love sầu brainstorming, dramatic matches, you shouldn’t miss this masterpiece. In particular, downloading and installing Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK, you will experience more special và interesting features. Wish you happy gaming!