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Ben 10, not a Regular Superhero

I am sure you have sầu all heard the saying "not all superheroes wear capes". And it is true. One of them wears a watch-lượt thích device called the Omnitrix. And that superanh hùng is a 10-year-old boy whose name is Ben Tennyson. Ben 10 is an animated television series that features this superhero's life. It is actually a franchise that consists of five shows and four movies. Each and every one of them more complex and with more details than the one before. The Ben 10 Games are also inspired by this fascinating cartoon. They give you the chance lớn take a glimpse into the life of this superanh hùng.

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The original Ben 10 firstly aired in 2005, produced by the Cartoon Network Studgame ios. The show revolves around the life of Ben Tennyson. In his summer holiday, he took a road trip with his cousin Gwen và his Grandfather. Accidentally, in the first night of his journey, he finds a device that looks lượt thích a watch: the Omnitrix. As soon as he sees it, the mysterious magical device attaches itself lớn Ben's wrist. From that time on, the gadget will allow Ben Tennyson to turn inlớn ten different aliens. By the help of this extra-terrestrial device, he will now have sầu to fight all of the evil monsters & aliens that want to conquer the world and get their hands on Ben's Omnitrix.

Great Power, Great Responsibility

With his new and magic device, Ben Tennyson also has to learn how khổng lồ deal with the responsibilities of being a svào & capable anh hùng. He needs lớn vì chưng this while also maintaining his regular teenager life, by going to school, talking khổng lồ his friends và getting good grades. Notoàn thân, not even his cousin, knows about the Omnitrix at first. People might be in even greater danger if they knew about the creatures that surround them. So Ben's responsibilities double with these superpowers.

The creatures that he has to lớn fight against are so diverse. From other aliens to lớn people that know about the Omnitrix & lớn regular felons that rob the banks or disturb the citizens. You might also see Ben Tennyson fighting these evil forces in some of the Ben 10 Games. In the Cannonbolt Crash Game, for example, Ben will take the form of Cannonbolt and destroy an entire team of evil clowns that want to take control over the đô thị. In the Upgrade Chasers trò chơi, you will have sầu khổng lồ help Ben 10 chase & stop some evil people that want lớn steal the Omnitrix and gain some alien upgrades.

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Unity in Diversity

As every person on the Earth is different & has something chất lượng, so are the aliens that inhabit the Omnitrix và Ben Tennyson as well. You will see their different personalities & the ways they manifest their passions và powers in the show & throughout the Ben 10 Games likewise. Stinkfly is an alien obsessed with gaining money. But he tries lớn keep the appearances & seem like an innocent fellow. This aspect is also featured in the Stinkfly's Showtime trò chơi, where you need lớn help Stinkfly jump high and collect as many stocks of money as he possibly can.Diamondhead & XLR8 are the brains of the Omnitrix. Ben always chooses one of them when he finds himself in a situation which requires a good strategy and a lot of thinking.

Cannonbolt, Four Arms or Heatblast are the first options that come into lớn Ben's mind when he needs a lot of force and strength. This is the way Ben also learned how lớn be spontaneous & creative sầu. He always encounters villains và troublemakers that make hyên need to adapt lớn the situation. He has khổng lồ know how lớn correctly approach the difficulty so that everything will turn out fine in the over. You can see this need for adaptation in the Penalty nguồn Game. After seeing your opponent, you get lớn chose from the aliens that will inhabit Ben 10 in that specific match so that you get lớn win the game.

For Better và for Worse

Superheros never actually sleep. But they need to lớn have a regular life, especially when they are young teenagers. This is why, throughout the five sầu Ben 10 shows, you will see ben Tennyson wanting to lớn take out his Omnitrix. He sometimes feels overwhelmed by the responsibilities of being a superhero và wants khổng lồ return khổng lồ his regular life. He manages to do this a few times with the help of other gadgets, even though the Omnitrix is firmly attached khổng lồ his wrist. But he never actually gives it up completely. No matter the difficulty & the challenge that he has to lớn face, the aliens are always helping hyên. All of them eventually turn out khổng lồ be his best friends. So come & be one of Ben Tennyson's friends in the Ben 10 Games. Help hyên defeat the evil monsters & save the entire world.

There are currently 67 không lấy phí online Ben 10 games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or máy tính, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android và iOS phones. Here you can see the games 1 - 30. The most popular game is Omnitrix Unleashed, which has been played 26995 times so far, & the most rated one is Omnitrix Shadow, with 3334 votes received. These Ben 10 games received an aggregate rating of 83 / 100 from a total of 22231 votes.